Sometimes it’s easy to stress out about whether or not homeschooling is looking “enough” like a school setting. But, rest assured that it doesn’t have to look like that at all. In fact, homeschool students do exceptionally well among their counterparts in the school system and thrive in their relationships. That’s because homeschool freedom works!

Homeschool Freedom Works Because of Individuality

One of the most wonderful aspects of homeschooling is the fact that your homeschool is unique. You have the ability to have it reflect your family culture and values.

In addition, you can tailor your homeschool and curriculum to custom-fit the individuality of your own child. This is not a foreign idea to parents—each child undoubtedly has his or her own personality.

It’s also important to remember that no two homeschools are exactly alike just as no two families are alike. Set aside comparison and lean on the Lord’s guidance for crafting a homeschool that best fits your family needs and goals.

Homeschool Freedom Works Because it’s Customized

No “one size fits all” mentality here! Instead of a collectivized education, your homeschool student is able to have a customized one. 

  • Is your child bent heavily toward civics? Look for opportunities to help your child learn and participate in all-things-civics, developing their servant-leadership skills.
  • Perhaps the kitchen is where your child thrives. You have the power to customize his or her education to include a plethora baking and cooking skills. 
  • Does your child have unique learning needs? You can design a homeschool that accommodates them best and helps them thrive.
  • Do your students enjoy field trips, rabbit trails, or hands-on learning best? Trade out some of that traditional curriculum for experiences and enjoy!

Really, the possibilities are endless. As the parent, you have insight to your child that no one else does, and a whole world of opportunities are available to meet your student’s needs and help them grow in their God-given interests, gifts, and talents.

Homeschool Freedom Works Because of Collaboration

Oregon has rich resources of retired educators, veteran homeschool parents, homeschool parents in the thick of homeschooling, and even homeschool students who offer classes.

Connect with other Oregon homeschool families at the annual OCEANetwork homeschool conference, in our Homeschooling in Oregon Facebook group, or find a local support group and see what opportunities are available!

It’s common for families to team up to form homeschool co-ops, sports groups, and elective classes that help diversify the education of students. There may be some benefits to having your student learn a few subjects from other teachers beside yourself as well. Find out what’s available in your area and see if any of them will work well for your family.

Homeschool Freedom Works Because of Small Businesses and Volunteerism

There are several small businesses and volunteer organizations that offer experiences for students to enhance their learning. Ask support groups or businesses what opportunities are available in your area and see if any are a good fit! Some examples are:

  • 4H or FFA
  • Art studios offering painting classes
  • Ballet and other dance classes
  • Civics classes like TeenPact or Patriot Academy
  • Writing classes
  • Experiences or internships in the trades
  • Fishing with someone whom you personally know is great at it
  • Gymnastics
  • Archery
  • Gun clubs
  • Museums
  • Business tours
  • Horsemanship camps and classes like at Canyonview Equestrian Center
  • Music lessons
  • Oregon Youth Symphonies
  • Pottery classes
  • Photography classes
  • Piloting like through Young Eagles
  • Scout Clubs for boys like Trail Life USA, The Royal Rangers, and Contenders for the Faith
  • Scout Clubs for girls like American Heritage Girls, Girls Ministries, and Keepers at Home
  • Homeschool sports leagues
  • And many others

Homeschool Freedom Works Because of Personal Responsibility

This is true on both the part of the parents and the child and is something that can be learned along the homeschool journey. It takes self-government to see homeschool through. With the Lord’s help, it can be done!

Additionally, students take on the personal responsibility of learning as they mature. Parents can instill in them a sense of ownership over their education and increasing involvement in crafting their course of study. It is also a wonderful opportunity for teaching diligence and initiative in their education.

Homeschool Freedom Works Because It’s Real Life

Nowhere else do people of all the same ages stay in a room for hours on end than the school system. That’s just not real life. Homeschooling can provide more realistic experiences that will help parents launch well-prepared students!

In general, homeschool students are daily around individuals of varied ages and stages of life. And, they tend to frequent many settings outside of their home which give them the ability to participate in real life interactions. They don’t need to wait until they are graduated from high school in order to do this on an every day basis.

Homeschool Freedom Works Because of Relationship

Relationships are so important, and are key to making homeschool freedom work.

  • The relationship between the parent and God sets the stage for this important life-mission of the parent. Faithfully being in the Word and bathing homeschooling daily in prayer helps to strengthen the foundation of it in one’s home.
  • The relationship between the parent and the child is important. A right heart attitude between the parent and the child will help homeschooling to be successful. 
  • Build relationships with family, your neighbors, and your Representatives. Building connections helps strengthens your family as well as the wider homeschool community!

Homeschool Freedom Works Because of Vigilance

The homeschool freedoms we enjoy in Oregon have been hard-won over the years. And while we have come far, there is still work ahead ahead of us to preserve and expand homeschool freedoms in Oregon. Taking our freedoms for granted would be unwise and even dangerous, inviting the risk that we would lose those freedoms in future generations.  

Homeschooling thrives because of the freedom it gives parents to do what is best for their children—freedom to tailor-make their children’s education match their learning styles, interests, and abilities. But that freedom comes at a price—eternal vigilance.

Get your family involved in the work of protecting and expanding homeschool freedoms in Oregon. OCEANetwork is an an all-volunteer organization of homeschool families just like yours, and we need your help!

Ultimately, Homeschool Freedom Works Because…

By God’s grace you are the parent of your child. And your rights come from him not from government. This is a precious gift and it must be stewarded wisely and faithfully. 

May you experience freedom and joy in your homeschooling journey as you raise your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord!

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