Get Connected

Don’t try to homeschool alone. Just as God told us to fellowship with one another to strengthen our faith, we should fellowship with other like-minded homeschoolers to sustain our commitment to our children’s education. Get connected with other homeschoolers for a great source of information, encouragement and help as you begin homeschooling.

Join OCEANetwork

OCEANetwork exists to serve home educators in Oregon. We are able to serve families and support home education because home educating families support us. People from all over the state volunteer their time and their services. Support group leaders from around the state act as communication conduits for news of political action and events. When you join the network and become an OCEANetwork Supporting Family, you help us serve Oregon homeschoolers. OCEANetwork Supporting Families a quarterly news magazine to keep you up to date on homeschool happenings in Oregon. You also receive a 15 % discount to Home School Legal Defense Association. Many of our activities and publications are underwritten by families just like yours. Become an OCEANetwork Supporting Family today.

Find a Support Group

You can use the OCEANetwork system to find a support group in your area, but we encourage you first to look for other homeschoolers in your church. The church, being your source of spiritual encouragement, is also the best source of “moral support” for your family. If your church does not share your commitment to home education, there are other support groups and associations that provide help, social opportunities, and encouragement.

Affiliate Your Support Group

Support groups who affiliate with OCEANetwork, receive encouragement from OCEANetwork for their support group. Leaders and members of affiliated support groups receive a 15% discount to Home School Legal Defense Association, receive news and political alerts from OCEANetwork legislative watch, and become part of state-wide broadcast network of home school information and support. Click here to find a support group. Are you a support group leader? Affiliate your group with OCEANetwork!

Volunteers make OCEANetwork WORK!

Some of our volunteers are lobbyists and many hours in Salem each session. Some stuff envelops once a month. Some push a broom and clean up after the annual conference. Hundreds pray for OCEANetwork and its volunteers. Others take their vacation time to lobby in Washington, D.C., on home education and family issues. Some write articles for the newsletters. Still others help with Home Education Week every May. Find out how to support OCEANetwork as a volunteer!

Get Info & Alerts Emailed

To be informed and in communication with OCEANetwork sign up for email alerts, newsletters, and quarterly print magazine!

Contact Us!

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you’re wondering about homeschool law or looking at getting started, please contact us! As we are a completely volunteer organization, we are not able to respond every day, but we will do our best to answer each request within 24 hours. Click here for contact information.