NOTE: We need your family to participate in this study if you have test results for this year or last year that you have not yet submitted to our academic studies! 

Quality research on homeschooled students’ academic achievement provides a powerful tool for OCEANetwork to protect homeschool freedoms in Oregon. Strong scores make a convincing argument that homeschooling is successful without government control.

The Problem: Current Data is Outdated

Scrutiny of homeschooling has been on the rise. Powerful forces in the legislature and initiatives from outside groups are always prepared to threaten homeschool freedom. As always, quality research is a powerful tool in protecting those freedoms! 

We all know that homeschoolers test, on average, higher than their public school peers. Did you know that data is 15 years old? It’s time to fix that.

Oregon 2023-2024 Academic Achievement Study

OCEANetwork, in partnership with the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), is committed to doing the work needed to provide up-to-date data that will help us fight for homeschool freedom. We need YOUR HELP to make that happen!

🎉 We Made it Easy for Families to Participate!

This study is EASY for you to participate in without extra testing efforts. Here’s what we need you to do:

  1. Submit this form and for each student submit the test results from the most recently taken standardized test from 2023 or 2024. (Please don’t re-submit scores you’ve submitted for the study already this year or last year.) You can submit test results through December 31, 2024.
  2. Upload a scanned / clearly photographed copy of the standardized test results for each form you submit (you’ll be prompted to do so in the form), first blacking out personal identification information (name, address, etc.).

Your submitted info goes directly to NHERI (OCEANetwork does not receive it and individual test results are kept confidential). NHERI will then compile the data and provide a summary of the results for public use.

That’s it!

The more test results we receive, the better our data will be, so PLEASE share with your homeschool groups and friends and ask them to participate as well! This is an important effort for preserving and expanding homeshool freedom in Oregon.

What You Need to Know

  • Participation in this study is optional.
  • You submit results for the most recent test your student has taken in 2023 or 2024.
  • Data in this study will be provided to NHERI, which will compile and publish the results.
  • All data collected is kept CONFIDENTIAL.


  • If my student took a test in 2023 AND 2024, can I submit both sets of results?
    No. Submit just one set of results. Submit the test results from the most recent test your child has taken in 2023 or 2024. 
  • What if my student has not taken a standardized test in 2023 or 2024? 
    Participating in the study is optional. To determine whether your student is required to take standardized tests this year, refer to Oregon homeschool law. Some families may choose to do testing in 2024 even if not required, just to participate in this study. While that is certainly helpful and appreciated, it is optional.
  • If we participated in the Academic Achievement Study you promoted last year, can I submit those same test results this year? 
    No, we are rolling in Oregon-specific results from that study into this study. Only submit test results that you have not yet submitted to our study. However, if you submitted your student’s 2023 results last year and then they took standardized tests again this year, you may use this form to submit their 2024 test results. 
  • Do I have to use a particular test provider/proctor? 
    You can use any qualified tester and allowed tests, per Oregon homeschool law. You’ll simply be submitting the test results and a scanned or clearly photographed copy of the test results document (with personal identification information blacked out) for the study.
  • What if I have questions? 
    You can contact OCEANetwork if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for being willing to join in this critical research to support homeschool freedom for the next generation!

~ The OCEANetwork Team