SB 855, the GED Equity Bill, is sitting in the Oregon Senate Committee On Rules without a public hearing.

Oregon homeschool students and private school students who are 16 or 17 years of age are being denied the opportunity to earn a GED if the local school district does not give them permission to take the test. That causes problems when the college they want to enroll in requires a GED for under-18 applicants. Public school students, meanwhile, have a clear path to a GED. OCEANetwork submitted SB 855 to remedy this situation.

See the section titled “Why homeschoolers need SB 855, the GED Equity Bill” on our previous SB 855 alert for further background on the problem.

SB 855 can be viewed here on the Oregon Legislature site

Call to Action

Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner is Chair of the Committee On Rules and has the power to hold a hearing on SB 855. Senate President Peter Courtney has influence over that decision.

OCEANetwork believes Senator Courtney understands that SB 855 is important to homeschoolers, as he referred the bill to Rules when you asked him to.

Both Senators need to hear from you, again, about the importance of this bill.

Please call or email Senator Wagner and Senator Courtney. Ask them to move SB 855 along and hold a public hearing on it. Give your reasons. Use your own words. Be polite.

Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner (D)

Senate President Peter Courtney (D)

Please continue to pray with us that God will protect Oregon homeschooling families by stopping the present bias against 16- and 17-year old homeschool and private school students who want to earn their GED.

Thank you for taking action on this.

Rodger Williams
OCEANetwork Freedom Watch Team

If you have questions about this alert, please contact OCEANetwork here so we can forward it on to our Freedom Watch Team.


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