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Norm Wakefield

Norm Wakefield is the founder of The Spirit of Elijah Ministries International (www.spiritofelijah.com) and the Live to Love Adventure (www.livetolovewithjesus.com). He and his wife, Alma, began homeschooling in 1984 and Norm has encouraged homeschoolers to live the gospel and apply it to their lives since 1992. He has been a keynote speaker at OCEAN in previous conferences. You’ll find his teaching to be biblically based with an encouragement to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Norm’s Session

Live to Love with Jesus

When God saved His people, He called them to live to love with Him. He intends to overwhelm His people with His love so that they can be an expression of His love to others. Every relationship is an opportunity to love, but the most important ones are those with whom you interact each day—your family. Homeschooling is the ideal setting for making disciples who live to love with Jesus. In this session, Norm plants the seeds of love, then helps us recognize the weeds that need to be pulled out if we are to love like He loves, and concludes by teaching us how to live to love like Jesus loves. Check out www.livetolovewithjesus.com for more information.

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