Tauna Meyer

Tauna Meyer

Tauna is a homeschool mom of 6 and the Digital Communications Manager for OCEANetwork. She and her husband, Aaron, serve on the OCEANetwork Board. Tauna is also the owner of ProverbialHomemaker.com, where she shares homeschooling and homemaking encouragement for her fellow frazzled mamas. Tauna has a heart for teaching her children God’s Word and helping parents feel confident on their homeschool journey. 

Tauna’s Session

Start Homeschooling with Confidence

Want to start homeschooling but feel overwhelmed? Tauna shares all the info you need to start strong, as well as important Oregon laws and requirements to be aware of.

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Just getting started homeschooling? Try this FREE video course for parents! Or if you’d rather just read up instead of watching video, here’s the ultimate guide to homeschooling in Oregon.

Want to dig deeper into homeschooling info? Consider purchasing access to the Start Strong Oregon course from OCEANewtork and Homeschool University!

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  1. Vivienne Grove

    Hi there. We are looking at moving to Oregon, and are curious about the homeschool requirements. I understand that my kids need to take assessments at certain grade levels. Do they need to go in to a school to take the assessments? Thank you.


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