You may remember that homeschooled students were required to get their local school district’s permission to take the GED. Private school students were in the same position as homeschoolers. See our alert here.

The GED problem was fixed during this 2023 long session with HB3068 through the efforts of the Cascade Policy Institute.

In the past, those passing the GED were not considered high school graduates, which looked bad for Oregon graduation statistics. To remedy this, the education establishment moved to establish a law allowing the local school district to confer a special GED diploma on anyone who passes the GED. Voila! The Oregon graduation statistics look better. 

With brilliant strategy, Cascade Policy Institute maximized this situation to the benefit of private school students and homeschoolers. To enable more students to get their GED (and thus be reflected in the Oregon graduation statistics), they took out the public school veto roadblock. With HB3068, local public schools are no longer allowed to block private school or homeschool students from taking the GED test.

Thank you, Cascade Policy Institute!

Rodger Williams
OCEANetwork Freedom Watch Team

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