Are Parents not Permitted to Start Homeschooling in Oregon Right Now?

Are parents not permitted to start homeschooling in Oregon right now?

(Updated 4/15/2020)

Are parents not being permitted to start homeschooling in Oregon right now? There seems to be some confusion on that point between some parents and schools, so the OCEANetwork Freedom Watch Team did some investigating. Here is their answer.

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The ODE has confirmed that parents can still begin (and continue) homeschooling a child during the public school shutdown:

“Q: May a parent withdraw a student from a public school while the school is physically closed?

“A: Yes. Although a school may only drop a student from the active enrollment list if the school has received notice from a parent of the withdrawal or the public school has knowledge (e.g. records request or other formal acknowledgement from the other district/school) that the student is receiving services from another school. Students may also be withdrawn if the student is registered with an education service district as a homeschooled student or to enroll in a private school.” (See ODE info Source.)

IMPORTANT: Make sure to send your notification of intent to homeschool to the ESD, not to the school. Some schools have misunderstood and believe that they are not allowed to allow students to begin homeschooling. For more information about the letter of notification as well as a template, go here.