Patrick Nurre

Patrick Nurre

Patrick Nurre, speaker and author, was in the second grade when he made his first big find – a large dinosaur bone in the alley behind his house!  That was the beginning of a love for geology.   Raised in beautiful Montana, he spent many days rockhounding near the Big Horn River.  This early interest led him to a lifelong study of the world of geology.   Patrick was trained in secular geology, but after becoming a Christian, he began to seriously reevaluate his previous evolutionary beliefs, and became, instead, a young-earth creationist. 

Today, Patrick conducts geology classes (PreK-12) and seminars in Washington state, and speaks at numerous home school and church conventions on geology and our young earth.  He also leads a variety of geology field trips every year, including Yellowstone Park, where he helps families discover the Biblical geology of the park.  Patrick is the vision behind Northwest Treasures, a 501(c)3 corporation, devoted to creating excellent geology kits, curricula, classes and tours/field trips for all ages. To help in this endeavor, Patrick has written 17 books on geology for PreK-12.  He is a long-standing participant in the IAC (International Association of Creation) Professional Development Program. In addition, he draws on over 40 years of pastoring experience. Patrick and his wife, Vicki, have three wonderful children and four grandchildren, and live in Wapato, Washington.

Patrick’s sessions:

  • Volcanoes, Volcanic Rocks and Earthquakes (parent/child session)
  • The Dinosaur Hunters (parent/child session)
  • Teaching Geology to Build and Defend Your Faith
  • Genesis and the Ice Age
  • Rock Identification Made Easy (parent/child hands-on session)


    Volcanoes, Volcanic Rocks and Earthquakes (parent/child workshop– ends with a volcano demonstration)

    Volcanoes are nasty things! We know so little about them, even though we are surrounded by them. How did they originate? Do they show that the earth is older than the Bible? We will tackle these subjects and the fascinating world of volcanic rocks in this seminar. I will have samples to look at and set off a fun volcanic eruption using some special chemicals!

    The Dinosaur Hunters (parent/child session)

    This is a fascinating look at how human nature has driven the search and discovery of dinosaur fossils. We will look at some of the intriguing people who have been driven to find these creatures, and the strange directions they took because of their worldviews. (Can be tailored for middle/high school students.)

    Teaching Geology to Build and Defend Your Faith (adult session)

    The common approach to teaching Geology is to hit it once, probably in 8th grade. But Geology is the beginning point of understanding biology, astronomy, paleontology, anthropology, archaeology, and so much more.  If we hope to win the battle for our children’s minds in the area of worldview, it is vitally important that we teach geology with the importance that it deserves. This seminar will equip you on how to teach geology effectively.

    Genesis and the Ice Age (adult session)

    Probably the least understood of subjects in earth history is the Ice Age and how it fits into a biblical worldview. We’ll examine the evidence for an Ice age caused by the Genesis Flood, how it could fit into the period between Noah and Abraham, and reinforce confidence in what the Bible says historically.

    Rock Identification Made Easy (hands-on session, parent/child – kids bring 2 rocks to identify!)

    What do you do with those rocks your kids are bringing home? You identify them!  This seminar will give you a short primer in basic rock identification, with encouragement to not be afraid of a dirty subject.

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