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Heather Haupt

Heather Haupt is the mother of three knights-in-training and two spunky princesses. She wants to be intentional during these years of parenting and raise children who will make a difference in this world. Recognizing the brevity of childhood and the power of a parent’s influence, Heather both inspires and equips families toward intentional parenting, pursuing God, and delighting in the adventure of learning. She is the author of the book Knights-in-Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous and Compassionate Boys, The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks, as well as co-author of the  GO TOGETHER Curriculum: A Literature-Heavy, Movement-Rich Learning Adventure. She writes at heatherhaupt.com and cultivatedlearning.org.


10 Ways to Make the Most of the Preschool Years! 
Have you ever heard the saying, “The days are long, but the years are short?” While there are days that can test the sanity of just about any mom, these exciting, exhausting, laughter-inducing, messy years are rich with opportunity. How can we make the most of every day? How can we enjoy the beauty of this season and capitalize on its strengths? Discover how to map out a plan to make the most of these preschool years!

Homeschooling and Still Loving Each Other (with Colene Lewis)
One of the perks of homeschooling is the opportunity families have to build relationships. Learning to live and learn together, 24-7, provides a wonderful environment where relationships are cultivated. It isn’t always easy, but the benefits are well worth the effort! Heather and Colene provide an honest look at how to thrive in the beautiful, but sometimes messy world of living and learning together.

Stepping Outside the Homeschool Box: Creating a Home Where We Learn 
Learning to embrace a natural, holistic way of education can make homeschooling doable and successful academically, spiritually, and socially for both the students and the parents. It’s important to let go of our preconceived notions of what “school” should look like and instead major on the strengths of homeschooling – flexibility, real-life learning, real books (living books), dialogue rather than formal tests, etc. Discover how to emphasize the benefits of homeschooling and avoid the burnout that happens when parents try to replicate a traditional school in their homes.

Conquering Your Fear of Educational Gaps 
Have any of you ever felt paralyzed by the idea of your children having huge glaring gaps in their education? It’s time to face your fear and conquer it! Fear is a joy-thief, but it doesn’t have to hold you hostage. Discover four tips that will set the stage for a life-long pursuit of learning and help you forever conquer that fear of the gaps!

Knights in Training: Raising Boys into Men 
Discover how we can reach the heart of our boys and inspire them to embrace this training phase of their lives as they pursue living a life of purpose that, like the knights of old, courageously puts the needs of others before their own. The world needs more kind, courageous, and bold men who will lead their families well and make an impact in their world both now and for the rest of their lives. It starts with igniting the imagination, honoring their love for adventure, and casting a vision for the training process.

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