Dick Karman

Dick Karman

Dick and his wife, Dorothy, have been active in the local and national homeschool community since 1983. They were the founders of OCEANetwork in 1986 and helped found the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership in 2002. Dick has traveled extensively to speak to homeschool audiences and to help state organizations. His unexpected immersion into grassroots politics in the 1980s has provided a wealth of experiences and stories highlighting God’s hand of grace and mercy protecting homeschool freedoms for Oregon families.

Dick’s session:

  • Nearly Forty Years Later


Nearly Forty Years Later

Too often we hear “if you don’t remember the mistakes in history, you are bound to repeat them.”  Dick says, “If we don’t remember God’s grace in history, we forget His faithfulness.” Dick will share the stories of God’s faithfulness in Oregon down through the years in protecting families, preserving His flock and showing us the difference between what the “world” says and what God’s Word says. Review the lessons learned and the grace God has given as we look through the history of OCEANetwork and homeschool freedoms in Oregon.

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