Daniel Craig

Keynote Speaker
Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig and his wife Megan are the hosts of the internationally-attended Homeschool Summits and have spoken at homeschool conferences around the country. Daniel wrote Kickstart as a plan for homeschooled students to think through life’s calling and launch successfully into adulthood. His passion is to encourage homeschool parents and young people to love and embrace Biblical discipleship. Daniel is a homeschooling dad of three children.

Daniel’s general sessions:

  • Impossible Homeschooling
  • Why I’m Glad I Was Homeschooled (and Why Your Kids Will Be Too)

Daniel’s workshops:

  • Teens Don’t Have to Rebel: Building Enduring Relationships with Your Children
  • Boy Meets Girl … WHAT NOW?!
  • Taylor Swift, Jesus, and Me
  • The Power of Delight
  • Do Something! How to Engage Life for the Glory of God (Teen session)


Keynote – Impossible Homeschooling 

There’s a sinister force at work in the homeschool community. It has hurt countless children, families, and churches. It’s caught the attention of main-stream media, and Satan is having a hey-day. But the force is not essentially an organization, ideology, or teaching that’s “out there harming people”. It’s closer to home. It’s me. It’s my pride, and my fear of man. It’s my desire for quick fixes, and desire to control. It’s my unwillingness to repent, believe the Gospel, and rely wholly on the rescuing grace of Jesus Christ for every need in my life, in my wife’s life, and in my children’s lives. The problem is worse than you think…

and only Jesus can save us now. Welcome to impossible homeschooling, where our only hope is the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Keynote – Why I’m Glad I Was Homeschooled (and Why Your Kids Will Be Too) 

Parents considering homeschooling often worry about whether their children will turn out “normal”. They wonder if their children will emerge from homeschool truly prepared for success in life, or if they’ll emerge socially inept and uneducated. In this session, Daniel Craig, a second-generation homeschooler, will share why he is glad he was homeschooled, and why your children will be too. Based on both his personal experience, and the unchanging truths of God’s word, Daniel will help you understand what homeschool “success” really is, where it comes from, and the real reason it matters.

Teens Don’t Have to Rebel: Building Enduring Relationships with Your Children

Many parents begin the Homeschool Journey motivated by a strong desire to nurture deep and enduring relationships with their children. Over time, they realize that winning and keeping their children’s hearts requires something more than simply schooling them at home… especially during the teenage years. But how do you keep your child’s heart without controlling it? How do you pass on your deepest convictions while at the same time avoiding the traps of legalism on the one hand, and permissiveness on the other? How do you foster healthy communication with your older children, maintaining the proper balance of love and respect? With stories that will make you laugh (and maybe cry), Daniel shares how God, in His great mercy, used two wonderful, but imperfect parents to humbly, lovingly and yet courageously train him up in the way he should go, and not depart from it.

Boy Meets Girl … WHAT NOW?!

So you kind of like this girl. Or you think he’s cute. WHAT NOW?! Marriage is a wonderful blessing from God, but the path to the altar often seems covered with broken glass – at least that’s what the bloody feet of many couples would indicate! Getting back to God’s foundational principles, and offering balance to recent homeschool applications, Daniel shares insights and admonitions based on his attempts in getting to the marriage alter (3rd try was the charm!)  and having grown up in the homeschool/courtship movement.

Taylor Swift, Jesus, and Me 

While it might be convenient to imagine that Christian homeschoolers are impervious to the influences of pop culture, we cannot plead immunity to the lust and pride which saturates our toxic culture. The satanic rebellion of our generation is having its effect on us. So how should we respond? Should we resign ourselves to the status quo? Should we hide away in polar huts with lead lining? Or, should we just pretend things are not as bad as they seem? 

Upholding the biblical alternative to these extremes, this session will equip parents to help their children define a godly relationship to culture by asking five critical questions: “Who is God?” “Who am I?” “What has God done?” “What does He require?” and “Why?” Or to put it another way, “What’s the difference between Taylor Swift, Jesus, and Me?”

The Power of Delight (for Fathers/Sons)

“This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!” were the words spoken by the Father to the Son. “I delight to do Your will” were the words spoken by the Son to the Father. The ultimate Father-Son relationship was characterized by delighting, and seeking to delight. Does this characterize your father-son relationship? Drawing from the Word and experiences as both a father and son, Daniel will paint a picture for both fathers and sons of how delighting and seeking to delight can help forge the strongest of father-son bonds.

Do Something! How to Engage Life for the Glory of God (Teen Track)  

No matter where we turn, we’re facing an epidemic of visionless, clueless, fantasy-driven young people. Stuck in an education system which fosters this disconnect from reality, few Millennials, even Christians, are able to successfully bridge the gap into real life. From the perspective of a millennial, Daniel calls students and parents to adopt a new paradigm for his generation in light of God’s word. Don’t attend this session unless you are ready to be challenged with a new vision for life and an awakened understanding of the responsibilities God calls every young person to fulfill.

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