Bruce Malone

Bruce Malone

Bruce has 27 years’ experience as Research Leader with the Dow Chemical. After leaving, he became Director of Search for the Truth Ministries with the vision of “Awakening Hearts and Minds to Biblical Truth”.  Bruce has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and holds 17 patents for new products.  He has given creation seminars to churches and schools in 17 countries, authored eight books on the evidence for creation with over 700,000 copies in print, and produced an 18-part teaching video series.  Bruce and his wife Robin have been married for 40 years and have four grown children and seven grandchildren.

Bruce’s sessions:

  • A Matter of Time – Why the Age of Creation Matters (teen session)
  • Explosive Geological Evidence for Creation (teen session)
  • Blind to the Obvious – How Intelligent People Can Be Blind to the Evidence for Creation (teen session)
  • Discovery and Design (teen session)
  • Into the Lion’s Den


    A Matter of Time – Why the Age of Creations Matters (teen track session)

    An old earth is the non-negotiable core of evolution.  Using stories and demonstrations, these talks explain how dating methods work and shows why they give erroneously ancient results.  

    Explosive Geological Evidence for Creation (teen track session)

    This presents an astounding model for rapid formation of the earth’s rock layers from the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980. This lecture has opened thousands of people’s eyes to the reality of a worldwide flood and destroys the myth that Noah’s flood was a small local event.

    Blind to the Obvious – How Intelligent People Can Be Blind to the Evidence for Creation (teen track session)

    The very laws of science are designed so we will know we have a creator.  So how can so many people be blind to the obvious?

    Discovery and Design (teen track session)

    A look at specific inventions which have changed human history as a direct result of observing creation. God is both the greatest artist and the ultimate engineer.

    Into the Lion’s Den (adult session)

    Throughout our public education, university, media, and museum system your children will hear only naturalistic explanations of origins and earth history.  This lecture draws upon 30 years of speaking at schools and churches to explain WHY our schools only allow “naturalism”, HOW we reached this point where American education has become indoctrination, what is being left out of the classroom, and how parents can prepare their children for what they are up against.

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