OCEANetwork is proud to bring these great speakers to Oregon. Their sessions are designed to inspire and equip you as you homeschool. They will challenge you to raise your children with a vision toward godliness for generations to come. If they are new to you, read their biographies below.

This year's General Session Speakers include:
Wakefield, Norm
Norm Wakefield is the founder and executive director of The Spirit of Elijah Ministries, International. He and his wife, Alma, live in Bulverde, Texas, and have four children and 14 grandchildren. They began homeschooling in 1984 and are still involved in the homeschooling of their grandchildren. Norm has been a keynote and conference speaker at state and international homeschool conventions since 1992. God has given him a pastor/teacher's heart to teach how the gospel applies to all relationships and circumstances in life. His knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Scriptures coupled with his homeschool experience enables him to specifically speak to the many challenges homeschool parents, children, and young adults face on a daily basis.

Watkins, David
David Watkins has pastored Heritage Baptist Church in Blaine, Minnesota, for 29 years. He and his wife, Linda, began home educating their eight children in 1986, just before the Minnesota homeschool law was passed by the legislature. David is the Executive Director of MÂCHÉ and serves on the Board of Directors of the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership David and Linda see the eternal benefits of Christian home education and the importance of encouraging and equipping younger home educating families. Their desire is to mentor a second generation of homeschoolers who are willing to take the baton and run well.

This year's Keynote Speakers include:
St. John, Heidi
Heidi St JohnHeidi St. John has been married to her husband, Jay, since 1989. They have seven children (and a son-in-law) ranging in age from toddler to young adult, and have homeschooled their children all the way through high school. A popular author and conference speaker, Heidi brings a refreshing mix of information and inspiration to listeners on the radio, in person, and through the written word.

Heidi’s transparency and honesty are like a breath of fresh air in a world where too many speakers seem to have all the answers. Her ability to be real with her listeners and readers allows them to identify with her at a deep level which in turn allows Heidi to gently lead her audience toward the Savior who actually DOES have all the answers.

You’ll laugh, cry, and nod your head at Heidi’s insights, her truth-telling, and her delightful sense of humor as she brings hope and encouragement to her audience.

Heidi's workshops at the 2017 Oregon Christian Home Education Conference

  • Fearless Homeschooling: How to Ignore the Critics and Do What’s Best for Your Child
  • Uncommon Courage: Trusting God for What’s Ahead
  • Help and Hope for the Overwhelmed Mom
  • The First Three Years: A Workshop for Homeschool Rookies
  • Better for Best: Keeping Christ as the Center of Your Home
  • Multi-Level Teaching
  • Strong Roots – Strong Families

This year's Featured Speakers include:
Hamby, Mark
Mark Hamby (M.S.; M.Div.; Th.M.; D. Min. cand.) is founder and President of Cornerstone Family Ministries and Lamplighter Publishing. He lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with his wife, Debbie. They raised 3 children who were homeschooled and though they live in various parts of the US, Mark finds that he is more involved in his children’s lives than ever before.

As an author, speaker, and Bible teacher, what Mark Hamby enjoys most is helping his audience to remove the mask in order to expose the heart. Unless the heart is reached, there can be no lasting change. Through the genre of storytelling and the life-changing power of God’s Word, Mark’s audiences have learned that the God of all grace is willing and able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think.

Lacour Hobar, Linda
Linda Lacour Hobar is a mother, a motivator, a mentor and a former missionary. With 17 years of homeschooling three children. 17 years of ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ, and a sense of God's calling on her life, Linda brings enthusiasm, warmth, and inspiration to the subject of world history. She feels the Lord gave her first the title and the vision of the series, "The Mystery of History", and then the drive and passion to write it. The title reveals her heart, which is that the "mystery" of the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be made known, better understood, and more deeply appreciated through the knowledge of God's hand in world history. A native-born Texan, Linda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor University, where she first fell in love with world history. She presently resides with her family in Tennessee.

St. John, Jay
Jay has spent most of his life in full-time ministry. As a worship pastor, he has a passion for leading God’s people before the Throne in worship. His years of experience in leadership have provided the foundation for First Class Homeschool Ministries, a parachurch ministry that helps parents start Bible-based homeschool co-ops that teach God’s word each week as part of a 20 week supplemental program.

Watkins, David and Linda
David and Linda Watkins are southern transplants to cold, wintry Minnesota. David has pastored for 44 years at Baptist churches in Oklahoma, Missouri, Virginia, and Minnesota. They began home educating their eight children in 1986 and have continued to be involved in home education circles even though their children have graduated. They have a deep desire to assist parents in strengthening their families and personal relationships with Jesus Christ through daily fellowship with the LORD and scripturally-focused home education. They served on the MÂCHÉ Board nine years, where David served as the chairman and Linda was the conference director. In 2012, they stepped off the board and David became the first executive director of MÂCHÉ. Linda continues to serve as the conference director. In 2007, they began serving on the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership (Alliance) board, where David serves on a committee for international homeschool relations and Linda writes the Communique e-newsletter and oversees special projects. Five of their eight children are married, two of their sons serve in the military, one daughter is in nursing school, and one daughter is an invaluable help at home. Eight of their fifteen grandchildren are of school age and are now being home educated. In their spare time, David enjoys hunting with his family in the woods of northern Minnesota and Linda enjoys sewing, quilting, and music.

This year's Parent/Child Workshop Speakers include:
Isham, Bruce
Bruce IshamBruce Isham was born on a small farm near Columbus, Ohio, and grew up in northern California. He has travelled extensively throughout the country. For twenty years Bruce has presented his historic dramas and storytelling at hundreds of elementary schools across the western states, including many homeschool groups and Christian schools. Bruce has authored four books and was featured in an independent western movie. He and his wife of forty years currently live in Texas.

This year's Speakers include:
Dunagan, Ann
Ann DunaganAnn is a longtime homeschooling mother of 7 children (born in 1985 to 2000, with 4 graduates and 3 married adults) and soon-to-be grandma. As an speaker with Harvest Ministry (to 35 nations), Ann is co-founder of Loving Orphans (caring for 1000 children), author of several books including The Mission-Minded Family (featured on Family Life Today and Revive Our Hearts), and founder of Daring Daughters. With a passion for the Lord and the lost, Ann motivates women and families for world missions.

Dunagan, Jon
Jon DunaganFounder of Harvest Ministry (1987), is a Missionary Evangelist focused on the blood of Jesus Christ and God’s salvation. Both witnessing one-on-one and preaching to crowds of over 50,000, Jon has ministered in 65 nations and on every continent, including Antarctica. From Rwandan prisons to Russian polar-expedition ships, from worn-torn Sudan to the lush countrysides of Ireland, Jon will go “Anywhere, provided it be forward” (as quoted from David Livingstone). He’s also an “experienced” wildlife safari guide, an avid fisherman and salmon chef, husband to Ann (since 1985), homeschooling dad of seven and soon-to-be grandpa. But most of all, Jon Dunagan simply walks with God, by His grace.

Dunagan, Jon and Ann
Jon and Ann DunaganJon and Ann Dunagan are longtime homeschooling parents of 7 children (born in 1985 to 2000, with 4 graduates and 3 married adults) and soon-to-be grandparents. Since 1987, Jon and Ann and their family have led mission outreaches to over 70 nations and to all 7 continents with Harvest Ministry — focused on winning souls, loving orphans, serving churches, mentoring Daring Daughters, and motivating families for God’s Great Commission. Jon & Ann are authors of several books, including The Mission-Minded Family and The Scarlet Cord: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.

Ray, Dr. Brian
Brian RayDr. Brian Ray is the president of the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) and founding editor of the quarterly refereed academic journal "Home School Researcher" (est. 1985). He has published numerous journal articles and books, been repeatedly interviewed by major media, served as an expert witness in many court cases on homeschooling, and testified to legislatures regarding educational issues. Dr. Ray is a leading international expert in research on homeschooling. In addition, he is a former classroom teacher and a university professor through the graduate level. He earned his Ph.D. in science education from Oregon State University and his M.S. in zoology from Ohio University. Brian and Betsy have been married 36 years and have eight children and seven grandchildren. They live on a small farm in western Oregon.

This year's Workshop Speakers include:
Bliesner, Jennifer
Jennifer BliesnerMarried to husband, Bill, since 1972 and a mother of eight (5 of which are special needs), Jennifer Bliesner has homeschooled for twenty-four years. She has also worked as a curriculum consultant limiting her work to children with special needs. Currently Jennifer tutors homeschool students with special needs, and has set up a program to mentor families with this unique challenge.

Bullock, Christine
Christine Bullock photoFormerly a High School History teacher now on homeschool duty, Christine serves together with her husband, Kevin, on the OCEANetwork board. The Bullocks have homeschooled their four children from the beginning, graduated one and have three more to go. Christine’s passion is to encourage and equip the next generation of homeschoolers wherever they are in their journey. She loves to share what God has taught her so far through writing and speaking about homeschooling, teaching in their co-op, and being a mentor to beginners in her local support group. Homeschooling is a tough job, but one that is full of a lifetime of rewards.

Dad's Panel, Q&A
This panel is comprised of dads from around the state from various stages in the home school journey.

Gedies, Kandy
Kandy Gedies is a wife and homeschooling mom to two young adults ages 17 and 14. For almost five years, she has been helping lead the Lane County Christian Homeschoolers support group in her area. She loves teens and leads a homeschooling youth group. Her passion for helping young adults become leaders for Christ, has taken her to various youth retreats, youth events and TeenPact Leadership School in Salem. She is a collegiate consultant for CollegePrep and is now watching her son brave college waters. Kandy has been married almost 23 years to her husband and best friend, Ralph. Her faith is grounded in Christ and Romans 8:28 is her life verse.

Glenn, James
James R. Glenn is a teacher at heart who finds great fulfillment in homeschooling his six children with wife Jennifer. He has studied and worked alongside families as a ministry program leader, mentor, speaker, author and counselor for the last 18 years. James has a unique presentation style that is sure to keep you engaged and entertained! As Midwest Regional Admissions Director for CollegePlus, he is able to pursue his passion for helping students find their calling and become the best they can be.

Karman, Dick
Dick KarmanDick has worked to protect and expand home education freedoms in Oregon since 1986. He and his wife, Dorothy, are the founders of the Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network, and co-founders of the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership. The Karmans have recently retired from the board of directors of OCEANetwork.

Dick and Dorothy have two grown children and four wonderful grandsons.

Mom's Panel, Q&A
Composed of moms from various stages of the homeschooling journey.

Padilla, Joyce
Joyce PadillaJoyce and her husband, Peter, have home educated seven sons. They were first introduced to homeschooling in the early 80’s. By the late 80’s, they were helping lead a local homeschool support group in their county. In 1994, they began serving on the board The Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network (OCEANetwork). Home education has truly been a life ministry for Joyce and her family.

Padilla, Peter
Peter PadillaPeter, an OCEANetwork Board Member, along with his wife, Joyce, have been actively involved in preserving homeschool freedoms since the mid 80's. As a father of seven sons, ranging in age from 31-14, Peter is passionate about maintaining his God given authority to train and direct the upbringing of his children. As such, Peter has joined the ranks to educate others in regards to the Parental Rights Amendment and its necessity.

Russell, Sheryl
Sheryl Russell, co-founder of Christian Youth Theater is a former high school teacher. She has been recognized for her business accomplishments through the Channel 10 Leadership Award and by the Women Together organization recognizing women in the arts. Sheryl was honored as Mother of the Year by March of Dimes. She has been married to her husband, Paul, for 38 years and has four grown children and five grandchildren.

Special Needs Panel, Q&A
Comprised of moms who are in the same pursuit of educating their special needs children well, these ladies come from a variety of areas across the state.

Watkins, Linda
Linda Watkins is the wife of David, homeschool mother of eight children (all now adults and homeschooling their own children), grandmother of fifteen beautiful and happy grandchildren, pastor's wife, music teacher, homeschool mentor, counsellor to struggling women, MÂCHÉ homeschool conference director, Board member of a national homeschool organization... She does have an earned college degree from Oklahoma Baptist University, but it wasn't in any of these skills. Through lots of trial and error and a big dose of God's grace, Linda has accumulated many tips and tricks to make the most of what God has given us. Linda is a former MÂCHÉ Board member and has been MÂCHÉ's Conference Director since 2002. In her spare time Linda

Williams, Telisa
Telisa has assisted home schooling families by teaching and testing students for over twenty years. Equipping her with a degree in education and a passion for helping home schoolers, God opened the way for starting Write Worthy. Over the years, she has developed a sequence of writing classes through which she helps parents train young saints as they delight in God’s structures in the English language and become able communicators with the written word.

This year's Workshop Speakers - Exhibitor include:
Learn more about products and companies you see in the exhibit hall during the Exhibitor Workshops. Bring your questions and learn in-depth information about products you are interested in.

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